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Blue Ridge Parkway Print

Blue Ridge Parkway Print

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Since using words to describe the parkway won't do it justice, I'll use numbers.

1935 - Work begins on the Appalachian Scenic Highway // 469 - Miles long // 29 - Counties in North Carolina and Virginia through which it runs // 3 - The only years the parkway wasn't the most visited unit of the National Park System (1949, 2013 , 2016)

I hope that last stat isn't pointing to the fact that folks just don't like driving any longer. Heck, if you don't like driving it is probably because you've not done enough on this route. 

Letterpress Printed - yes, what started in the 1440s, we keep it living & breathing to deliver the prints you deserve.

Printed on 110lb Lettra made from the linters (or scraps) of cotton production - our prints aren't just 100% cotton, but they're an environmentally responsible way to make long lasting art.

Individually Numbered Special Prints // 13 x 20 inches **does not come frame, unless stated otherwise**

Made honestly in Hurricane, WV. 

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