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No. 618 - Vintage Pewter Hip Flask w/ Leather Wrap

No. 618 - Vintage Pewter Hip Flask w/ Leather Wrap

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The first thing we thought of when we saw this unique flask was: How can we wrap this simple, yet elegant piece in leather? We tried a few different ways, but this piece truly speaks on its' own with a matching, sleek sheath that is hand-stitched in our Charlotte, NC studio.

From English Pewter Co in Sheffield, England:

Part of the First World War Commemorative Collection.
Pewter is the fourth most precious metal in common usage, and sometimes the best way to display the beauty of the material is in a stylish, elegant and understated manner, as is beautifully demonstrated by this pewter hip flask. Engraved in the top corner is the commemorative date of 1914.

Leather: USA Full Grain Chrome Tanned Cowhide 
Hardware: Pewter 
Approximate Dimensions: 4.25" x 4.75" x 1", holds 6oz
Handmade in the USA & England and guaranteed for life

Care Notes:

The pewter will not react with alcohol, and the inside of the flask isn’t antiqued so the antiquing solution will not react with anything that’s inside the flask – the only thing we recommend is to make sure you clean out the flask regularly in soapy water, as if alcohol is left in the flask for an extended period of time it may start to corrode the pewter itself.

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