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R. Rebellion

Pendleton Candle

Pendleton Candle

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PENDLETON: Spiced Pear, Caramel, Smoked Vanilla, 1910 Pendleton Whiskey®

Experience the rich history and captivating scents of the American West with our Pendleton candle. Featuring a blend of spiced pear, caramel, smoked vanilla, and 1910 Pendleton Whiskey®, this handcrafted candle is designed to evoke the essence of Pendleton, Oregon. Pendleton is known for its rich history, home of the world-famous Pendleton Roundup Rodeo and rich Native American culture. Our Pendleton candle captures the rugged and wild spirit of this iconic western town, while our signature cross wood wick provides a rustic crackling sound reminiscent of a campfire under the starry night sky of the West. Candle comes in a reusable whiskey glass for your drinking pleasure long after the candle burns through. 

Weight - 8 oz / 227

Diameter - 3.125 x 3.5 inches

Burn time - Up to 60 hours

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