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You Stole My Name Too (Picture Book for Kids)

You Stole My Name Too (Picture Book for Kids)

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"Perfect for animal lovers, with gorgeous illustrations worthy of framing." — Kirkus Reviews

First the animals were stealing names and now the plants are doing it, too! The second book in Dennis McGregor's acclaimed series features vibrant, hand-painted illustrations and curious questions like "Why does the crab apple share its name with the crab?" You Stole My Name Too features another amazing collection of illustrations that takes you and your child on a colorful journey through nature's most fascinating plants and animals and their namesakes.

The fun pairs of flora and fauna that are featured in this sequel include: Chick and Chickpea // Cat and Catnip // Dog and Dogwood // Hedgehog and Hedgehog Cactus // And many more!

A beautiful "children's coffee-table-art book" for all ages, You Stole My Name Too is a clever, creative follow-up to You Stole My Name, a perfect book series for parents and children to read and enjoy together.

14 x 9 inches // 32 pages

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