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  • Welcome to Nomad Jax. A Curated Collection.

    Nomad Jax, a curated online and retail shop for those with a curiosity for experiences. A trip down the coast, hiking your favorite peak, or laughing with friends while listening to tunes... we have you covered.

    Our name come from our love of exploration and man's best friend. Jax (Jaxson) is our yellow lab. Yes, we're dog people.

    We have an ever-changing collection of unique finds and must haves from our favorite brands.

    At Nomad Jax, we believe that life is an ever-evolving environment, much like a nomad's lifestyle, we strive to embody that same sense of adventure in everything we do.

    Our shop is a reflection of our customers. We all have different interests and likes, we're unique, that's what makes us awesome. While hunting for unique vintage pieces or bringing new brands to the shop, everything and everyone has a story. We are excited to share our favorites.

    At Nomad Jax, we are passionate about providing a shopping experience that reflects our adventures and experiences. You'll get our personality, our creations and our favorites. So come, explore our shop, and join the tribe of nomads who seek to live life to the fullest.

    Veteran Owned and Operated