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Bourbon & Horses Print

Bourbon & Horses Print

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Old-timers in the Bluegrass State will tell you the truth. That Kentucky has been racing horses for at least a hundred and thirty years and making bourbon for a century before that. Which means you ain't gonna beat them on the track, in the rick house, or in the Wikipedia history article. So you might as well just place your bet, grab a pour, and toast to two fine American pastimes that have been distilled to perfection in the South. 

Letterpress Printed - yes, what started in the 1440s, we keep it living & breathing to deliver the prints you deserve.

Printed on 110lb Lettra made from the linters (or scraps) of cotton production - our prints aren't just 100% cotton, but they're an environmentally responsible way to make long lasting art.

Individually Numbered Special Prints // 13 x 20 inches

Made honestly in Hurricane, WV. 

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